Maria GoJa – Soulquakes

Soulquakes is about the seemingly unpredictable forces of nature and the human tendency to resist against it, to control it, to tame it. We all know hat situation, when we stick to annoying patterns of behavior and deadlocked structures rather than to change. Especially when changes are uncomfortable and stir everything up like a storm, from which we prefer to hide, rather than to face it. But can we really? Soulquakes points out, that the butterfly affect catches us all sooner or later „but nothing can stop the micro-motion, that tends to result in explosion“. And at that point a soft wind may not be enough to initiate change, only a full blown storm can make it work.

Director and filmmaker Shredy Jabarin has developed a story for the music video and puts it into a family context, with puppets as protagonistst. Family is where it all begins, where we are getting programmed for life, where decisions are rooted, where habits are created. The artists let the story take place in a miniature house, built like a carrousel, so that the protagonists literally turn in circles. Maria GoJa built and crafted the miniature film set for the music video over several months. The process can be followed on her social media channels.