Azwel – Disaster Zone

“From their album ‘Mind Caliber’ set to some out in June, alternative Pop Rock band Azwel releases a trippy music video to accompany their amazing single, “Disaster Zone” which combines numerous influences and sounds. Segmented into separations of 60’s psychedelia and slight Surfer Rock, “Disaster Zone” sways from emotion and emphasis to ease and escapism as the verses drop into a mellow groove that sits in juxtaposition to the heaviness of the chorus. With Insightful lyrics with lines that can be interpreted into many situations, Azwel manages to mix a relaxing vibe into a song that still carries a serious weight. Eclectic catchy Pop Rock perfectly describes the mood, ending in an evolved state the track expands to a keyboard solo giving the listener one more element to digest. Azwel leaves an obvious indication that “Mind Caliber” is an album of great promise.”